When the Big Boys Come to Town

Posted by on October 31

Historically, New England has not been a region of interest for large, national PT businesses. This was due to a variety of reasons that started with the reimbursement climate and occupancy/labor costs, but also included our provincialism as a region and resistance to change and consolidation. With the recent acquisitions of Attain Physical Therapy in […]

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“Barber Shop Physical Therapy”

Posted by on August 15

In November, I had the honor of speaking at the annual conference of the Private Practice Section of the APTA. My presentation was focused on how clinical care should drive all business metrics in our profession, and it seems to have struck a chord. Most interestingly, many people have been interested in a concept that […]

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90 Days!

Posted by on July 23

Click the link below to check out what Collectivity has been able to do for all of our clients: 90-day-infographic

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Buried Treasure in Your PT Clinc

Posted by on June 9

Talking to other physical therapists is the best part of my job. PTs tend to be kind, outgoing people that are always willing to share their successes and failures as either clinicians or business-owners. Rarely do I leave a conversation with a PT and not feel more energized about the future of our profession; I […]

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Variability is Bad for Physical Therapy

Posted by on May 24

In health care, there is an inverse relationship between the number of treatments available for a given condition and our ability to effectively treat the condition. Effective early immunization has nearly eradicated polio, most bacterial infections are still responsive to broad spectrum antibiotics, and our ability to repair ligaments surgically has resulted in patients having […]

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Top 5 Tips for Preparing Your PT Practice to Sell

Posted by on March 29

With all of the consolidation that is going on in our industry, private physical therapy practices are going to have to make a decision on whether to grow by themselves or as part of a larger group. If you are considering joining a larger growth organization like ProEx Physical Therapy, these five tips are a […]

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