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Cash is King!

Whether you are investing in new equipment, trying to expand your business, putting more away for yourself or simply trying to make payroll, your physical therapy clinic needs healthy cash flow. Ensuring that you get paid appropriately and promptly for the work that you do in a timely manner is the cornerstone of the billing and consulting service offered by Collectivity.

We Understand!

We are physical therapists and own physical therapy practices ourselves. We specialize in working exclusively with other private practices. We live and breathe this industry and can identify with every challenge you face. Whether its rising costs, declining reimbursements, or the growth of physician and hospital owned business in your area, we understand!

Our Team is Your Team!

When you work with Collectivity, you’re adding a wide variety of skilled professionals with decades of industry experience to your team. All of us are 100% focused on the world of private physical therapy practice. Imagine what your practice will look like when you are on a first name basis with experts specializing in practice management, finance, AR management, billing, collections, credentialing and more!

Freedom to Choose

Choosing Collectivity to outsource your billing means you are free to choose an electronic scheduling and documentation software that works best for your practice. We are physical therapists, not software developers, so working with us comes with no requirement to use a specific system. We can work with nearly all EMR systems, and if you haven’t moved to an electronic system yet, we can help you with that, too!

About Collectivity

Chances are, if you are reading this, you have built a physical therapy business based upon your clinical skill, your passion for your profession and your ability to quickly build meaningful relationships with your patients. Your entrepreneurial spirit got you started, and your grit and unmatched work ethic have gotten you this far. Collectivity is here to help you add ‘business savvy’ to this list of talents with our billing and consulting service experience.


We are a team of individuals who have all dedicated our careers to the profession of physical therapy, and, just like you, we live and breathe this world, each and every day. While building ProEx Physical Therapy, we learned the importance of the business of healthcare. It wasn’t enough for us to provide great outcomes and a great experience for our customers; we also needed to get paid for the work through an efficient billing practice. Collectivity was born out of that need, and our fifteen year track record of running successful physical therapy practices and clinics, big and small, speaks for itself.


Our goal is to help a PT business and its clinics not just survive, but thrive in an uncertain healthcare marketplace. When you enter into a relationship with us, our promise is that we will treat your business no differently than our own. You will not get pushed to the bottom of the list; you will never feel as if we are just doing the bare minimum; and you will never feel like anything but our most important client. Your success is too important to you and the community you serve to feel like anything less than a VIP.


Our consulting and PT billing expertise is now available to your business.  So, take the first step: sign up for a free consultation today. Experience the differences that come from working with a company that puts you first and experiences the same successes and challenges that you feel each and every day as a physical therapy clinic or business owner.




Our pt clinic consulting and outsource billing testimonial with Competitive Edge Physical Therapy

After deciding to open my own clinic, I felt like I needed a business adviser who specialized in the world of physical therapy. Collectivity was an easy choice due to the company’s reputation and the individual skills of their whole team. After engaging them, I had instant access to Collectivity’s entire infrastructure for all questions related to billing, collections, credentialing, and general business advice. Every individual that I have ever dealt with makes me feel like I am the most important person and that my clinic’s needs are their highest priority. Their customer service is unparalleled.


Because of my relationship with Collectivity, I am able to focus my attention on providing excellent clinical services and running local operations. I do not have the added worries that come with an in-house biller/collector, but I feel like I have just as much access to Collectivity’s team as I would ever need. My business could not have become as successful as it did, as quickly as it did, without the support of Collectivity. I have tremendous trust and confidence in them. I would absolutely recommend Collectivity to any business owner that does not want to allocate tremendous time and resources to in-house billing and collections. They would benefit from outsourcing these billing functions to Collectivity just like I have.


Paul Amorosino

Competitive Edge Physical Therapy

Norwell, Massachusetts


AMPT testimonial of our pt business consulting service

When we began to feel the business side of our practice getting away from us, we knew we needed help and knew that we wanted a physical therapist-owned company with a solid reputation to help us. From day one, we have felt that the entire team at Collectivity has truly understood our needs. Their approach has been clear cut, results driven, and effective. Combining their financial and operational savvy with the quality care we provide our patients has allowed our practice to succeed. We highly recommend Collectivity to other private practice owners like ourselves.


Kelley and Thomas Allardi

Active Motion Physical Therapy

Wakefield, Massachusetts


Collins PT Institute increased cash flow with Collectivity billing services.

Initially, we used a large national EMR company’s billing division. They did not live up to their promises, and our cash flow suffered as a result. We needed to find a company that would bill correctly and collect our money in a timely fashion. Collectivity’s expertise in these areas and their sole focus on the world of physical therapy was a tremendous selling point. Since we began working with them, we have seen cash flow increase dramatically, and the personal relationships we now have with their experts helps us stay connected with the industry and manage the operations of our clinic more effectively. On top of that, the cost of their services is far less than bringing these functions in-house and risking employee turnover. Their expertise in the world of Physical Therapy is unmatched, and they understand how important timely cash flow is to private practices in order to survive. We absolutely would recommend Collectivity to all of our peers!


Greg Collins, PT

Clinical Manager and Owner

Collins Physical Therapy Institute

Naples, Florida




Free Business Consultation

Not sure if Collectivity is right for you? Sign up for a free consultation today!


Changing your billing company or engaging a new business consultant is big decision, and probably one that you can’t afford to get wrong. You need to have a level of trust with that organization, and there needs to be clear objectives and metrics by which you can measure the effectiveness of your new partner.


In under 30 minutes and with only a few key data points, the experts at Collectivity can work with you to understand the needs of your individual clinics or physical therapy practice as a whole to determine whether or not becoming one of our clients is the right decision for you and your practice.


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